In Dommuss you have all the necessary functionalities to manage your family’s day-to-day activities:

  1. Shared calendar
  2. Shared shopping list
  3. Weekly menu
  4. To-do list
  5. Weekly planner
  6. Shared Contacts
  7. Shared Notes
  8. Shared Photos

Our users tell us what the app helps them with:

  • Coordinating our time. Knowing what each member is doing avoids confusion and improves the planning on day-to-day life.
  • Avoiding double scheduling and forgetting important dates. By writing them down, you avoid misunderstandings.
  • Having an exclusive communication channel for domestic things.
  • Remembering things when grocery shopping and saving paper used for shopping lists.
  • Meal organization and what to buy. Everyone contributes ideas!
  • Synchronization and real-time updates.
And if you want to create more modules, you can also, you have Dommuss PLUS


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