About us

Our mission

Dommuss was born with the aim of improving family life.

Specifically, with our apps for Android and iOS, we help families organize their daily lives. Dommuss is a tool that allows them to simplify household tasks so that they have more time to enjoy as a family.

We are convinced that the family is a fundamental element of society and key to the personal development of individuals. It’s a mission so beautiful and important that we’ve decided to dedicate ourselves to it everyday.

Our values

We believe in the importance of the family as a basic nucleus of society. The family is the circle of trust in which to develop our personality and self-esteem. It is the school in which to transmit key values for living in society such as love, generosity, respect, work and perseverance. And, it is the place of refuge in times of difficulty.

We believe in work-life balance and co-responsibility at home. This allows women to take on new obligations and develop professionally while delegating the duties they traditionally must carry. It also allows men to work while participating in household activities – in doing so they discover stories of a family’s daily life and can help in the upbringing of their children.

We believe in organization as a fundamental tool for the day-to-day management of families. But without falling into the “productivity-trap” (this means, taking advantage of the efficiencies generated to continuously include unlimited things in our to-do lists). We view organization as the clarity of ideas, prioritization and distribution of tasks. The ultimate goal is that by organizing ourselves efficiently, we’ll be able to have more time to take care of ourselves, our home and to spend with the people we love.

Finally, we believe in the benefits of technology to help us make our daily lives easier. Nobody wants to be burdened by more complication or duties.. Ethical technology, put at the service of man and used responsibly.

Our history

Dommuss is the culmination of an idea that occurred to its founder while she was attending some lectures on digital innovation.

She was tired of exchanging calls, e-mails, whatsapps and having "business" meetings during dinner with her husband to find out if they could go to Friday night's birthday party. She no longer wanted to be asked whether she had remembered to stop by the supermarket or remembered that on Wednesday they had to take the car to the garage.She didn’t’ want to keep having to decide quickly who was in charge of what.

Then, it dawned on her: how useful it would be for families to have a tool to help them organize themselves by sharing all the essential information about the day-to-day management of the family and the home.

She knew of numerous applications for personal organization but not for family organization. And she thought, 'Why not create it?'

Little by little the idea took shape and strength in her head until he decided it was time to bet on it. She took a leave of absence from her job in the marketing department of a multinational company and in 2014 she started working hard on it. A few months later, other people also embarked on this adventure. Together they outlined the project until the app was launched in January 2015.

It has been a lot of work and a very strong bet but we think it has been worth it. We hope you like it and, above all, that you find it useful. Of course, if you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can write to us at

As you know, our goal is to help make families’ everyday life a little easier and more enjoyable. With your help we will certainly make it! Thank you very much.

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