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  • Dommuss is the free app to organize yourself with others: couples, family members and group of friends or work. Your shared agenda is always synchronized and available on your mobile to help you save time and avoid confusion.
  • Dommuss is the perfect tool to simplify the organization of families and groups. It provides  a private space to share calendar, lists, notes, contacts, photos that will help you to manage your daily to-dos at home and at work.
  • With Dommuss you’ll no longer spend a lot of time on calls, emails or Whatsapps for daily management issues; you won’t forget the appointment with the doctor, the birthday party of your son’s best friend or the meeting that was changed last minute.
  • You can all share key notes. When you go to the grocery store, you’ll know what to buy and you’ll have the plumber's contact available for when an unexpected emergency arises. All of this happens in a easy, fun and customizable interface for everyone to use.
  • Dommuss is especially designed for couples and families, for their family and domestic organization. You can record the recurring events such as the afterschool classes but also the punctual ones like your best friend’s wedding so that you all have them in mind, at hand and never miss them. Dommuss also incorporates a module to share the weekly family menu so it is always clear and available.
  • If you are a work group, friends or a small business, you will also love it. To keep schedules on hand, records appointments, pending items, phones, etc. Dommuss is a way to optimize your workflow.

Our users tell you how dommuss helps them:

"It's super accessible, you can put organize everything you want ... name the labels and everyone is aware"
"I have installed it for my family and it is amazing, it fits what I was looking for, attention from the developers is 10. Keep going like this"

"The app that helps me manage tasks easily, at last! Very complete, it helps the whole family, finally a good application to manage day to day at home, highly recommended!"
Thanks to this application my husband knows "what we have pending and when" without having to remember everything day after day!
Discover the new way to organize as a family with Dommuss for iOS and for Android


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