Dommuss PLUS

If you still need more then you’ll love dommuss plus, which includes all these additional functions:  :

Alarms for Events:

Customize the alarms of your calendar events and choose how far in advance you wan to be notified: one hour, thirty minutes, fifteen minutes before. It’s fully customizable.

Synchronize the Calendars:

Export your family calendar to another calendar that you usually use (mobile phone, Google calendar, Outlook, etc. ) so that the information in your dommuss calendar is automatically published in the other calendar.

Quick erase for listed items:

Delete all selected items in a single click rather than going in one by one.

Responsibilities in the lists:

Puts someone in charge of each item in a list so you’ll know exactly who has to take care or what.

Sort the lists and modules:

Organize the items in each list according to what you find most useful. For example, you can put the most important groceries first.

You can also sort you in-home modules: upload the weekly menu or download contacts.

Create more elements:

In the weekly menu you’ll be able to create all elements without limit. The same goes for the weekly planner and photo module.

Create more modules:

Create all the modules you need: more lists or notes, other calendars, etc.

Create more Dommuss:

Create new, private spaces to share with other groups - with the soccer team, coworkers; with your parents and siblings. There is no limit!

Exclusive content:

Modules created by our expert team to help you even more in your daily life.

  • All this for only € 14.99 for the initial member and € 4 for each additional member..
  • Less than what it costs you every time you make a mistake and buy something that you did not need or you did not have something on the calendar and you have to take a taxi to avoid arriving late :)
  • Discover the new way to organize as a family with dommuss for iOS and for Android.


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